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Carl Persson - This page is supposed to be about me, but I don't think my personal life is what is important. What is important is what I believe in and what I can do for you as a Congressman, listen to you, find solutions and present them to the You and the members of Congress.

I was born and raised in Sweden and migrated to the United States of America at the age of twenty-five. Though Sweden appears to be a model for democracy, what outsiders fail to see are the high taxes and lack of opportunities, especially for entrepreneurs. Today, my native country faces serious problems such as illegal immigration and a rise in violence.

America was and still is the greatest place on earth to live, prosper, and express your individuality. My time here has been spent in various business ventures and experiences, and now, it has led up to my decision to run for Congress. After talking to people about a solution for our healthcare system, I became more certain about running. What started as a dinner conversation six years ago with my father-in-law, a retired physician, has now morphed into a complete plan to reform our current system.

Essentially, I'm not a politician, but I understand what works and what doesn't. Reflecting upon my home country's problems, I've seen how easy it is to point fingers to avoid dealing with the problem. Far too often has legislation been enacted without looking at the consequences. Far too often is legislation enacted to appease one demographic without concern for the rest of the country's population.

Having the honor to serve in the US Congress should be based on bringing something novel and innovative to the table. I don't believe our Founding Fathers intended for Congress to be a lifetime career, and I certainly don't believe they intended for Congress to be made up of representatives incapable of solving the problems they create.

I only intend to serve in Congress long enough to implement my healthcare plan, a plan that will benefit every single American. Otherwise, I have a few more ideas which I will expand upon and save for later.

You can read more about my healthcare plan on my ISSUE page.

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