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Our country is facing many different issues, immigration and healthcare being at the top. These are issues that affect every citizen in one way or another. Solving them first should be a priority. Additional issues will be added during the course of the campaign.

Healthcare overhaul

Our healthcare system is riddled with flaws. It is expensive and hurts middle-to-low income families the most. The plan I am proposing will address all deficiencies and bring costs down. 


Immigration - the issue will only be solved once we have secured our borders.

2nd Amendment and Gun Control

The Second Amendment is and always will be what separates our country from becoming a totalitarian state.


Taxes and taxation should be limited, our country experienced the biggest growth when there were no taxes.

Social Security

Social Security – The 800lbs gorilla no one wants to touch let alone talk about. This ticking financial time bomb created in the mid-thirties with good intentions have proven beyond any doubts that the Government cannot handle your money.

Low Income Housing Solution

Charlotte and many other cities around the country are suffering from the same shortage of affordable housing for low-income individuals. My solution is rent-to-own a condo, offered by a non-profit organization funded by local and federal agencies initially.

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