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2nd Amendment and Gun Control

Our Founding Fathers were quite brilliant when they created the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The Second Amendment is what separates the United States from the rest of the world; it is what makes us so powerful. Without the Second Amendment, our First Amendment would quickly be overruled by a tyrannical government. The dismantling of our Constitution would soon follow in order to fit into the New World Order where borders are removed and unchecked migration is permitted.

I believe every American who is a law-abiding citizen has the right to bear any arm he or she chooses. It is in our interest and important for national security purposes that our civilians are armed not only from threats by foreign forces but also from domestic threats.

All the talk about banning guns and taking away our Constitutional rights is startling. The problem with the whole narrative is that law-abiding gun owners are the ones suffering, not the individuals the government tries to stop through banning guns.

The solution is simple. First, every American should go through a civil firearms course starting at age sixteen in school. This course would span over two years, and at the age of eighteen, the individual would have mastered gun laws, gun safety, proficiency in shooting a gun, and then pass a test. Only when an individual passes the test can a citizen obtain a gun license. We all need a license to drive a car, so why not the same for guns? A citizen can opt out from taking the course but is still eligible to take the course and obtain a gun license at a later date. This license should be a nationwide right to carry in any state and never be infringed upon.

Any individual carrying a gun without a national permit, in other words, an individual who did not pass the test, is disqualified as a convicted felon, or not a citizen shall be sent to prison for a minimum of fifteen years. This will discourage any unqualified or unlicensed individuals from owning or carrying a gun. Current gun owners should have a maximum five-year period to comply and pass the test. The course should be provided by the local Sheriff's Office free of charge for any adult not attending school in the transition period. I believe this approach will increase public safety and guns will only be in the hands of law-abiding citizens.

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