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The immigration issue and the status of the countless illegal immigrants in America can be solved. First of all, the borders must be secured in numerous ways such as building walls in unprotected areas. Additionally, a stronger enforcement of immigration laws is necessary in preventing additional illegal immigrant entries.

Previous administrations have exercised a very relaxed policy on illegal entries to this country. An illegal immigrant’s catch and release on his/her/their own recognizance is a joke to the border patrol officers who risk their lives to apprehend law breakers. Entering Mexico illegally results in immediate incarceration. Why should the standards be any different for entering America illegally?

Once the border is secured, dreamers and their parents should have a pathway to citizenship only if they have been in the country for at least five years. I believe many illegal immigrants who entered this country over the past five years were encouraged to come here by the previous administration’s policy. The flood of immigrants coming to this country without proper documentation and vetting caused a crisis of epic proportions. The illegal immigrants from this time period should be deported immediately upon apprehension.

Pregnant, non-citizen women coming to this country solely to give birth to obtain citizenship for the child should be forced to give the child up for adoption to an American family in order for the child to maintain its citizenship of United States. If the mother decides to keep the baby, both mother and child will be deported back to their home country. This is the only way to prevent such abuses of our Constitution.

Essentially, more law enforcement and no more “catch and release” will help fix the immigration problem. The safety of our people comes first.

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